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We believe that strong relationships are the key to building superior homes.  


From architects and engineers to our skilled construction workers and contractors, we know that relationships are the foundation of every successful home build.  That’s why we support the work of PIER Institute, a Colorado social enterprise that transforms business relationships into teams of people working to solve problems in some of our world’s most vulnerable communities.


Overview of PIER Institute

PIER Institute develops and implements turn-key, market-based, corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects for U.S. companies that source products from impoverished countries.  In our model, companies can combine business objectives with an easy CSR project to produce a win-win for both the company and a poor community it depends on for products overseas.


Water Purification System on the Amazon River

An innovative indigenous community along the Amazon River now enjoys clean drinking water through a collaboration with PIER Institute. The only market-based model of its kind in the region, the water purification system is 100% owned and operated by members of the community. The community also invested in everything from the construction of the business location to the purchase of supporting equipment.

The affordable price of the pure water enterprise covers the costs of supplies, improvements, and operations. In 2013, PIER Institute managed the complex process of importing the system into Colombia, trained the local team in the machine’s operations, assisted with engineering a system to pump water from the Amazon River, and facilitated the creation of a business plan by the indigenous team.


Verifica: Preventing Human Trafficking

Verifica is a community-based program proven to stop human traffickers and protect communities. Human traffickers prey on innocent teenagers from vulnerable communities. They often pose as recruiters with promises of employment in distant cities and then sell their victims into slavery in the sex-trade or forced labor. Verifica exposes traffickers before they can exploit the innocent without risk to targeted teens or the community. It uses a combination of outreach, awareness, and training in special tactics to shield young people in a neighborhood or community against human traffickers.


Since 2015, Renovar Construction has supported both the training of communities in Verifica’s tactics, as well as the development of a sustainable, market-based method of distributing the program worldwide via U.S.-based corporate social responsibility and employee volunteer programs.


In 2016, we donated a replacement ultra-filter to support the community’s success for another three years. The business is now so successful and stable that they now offer “home delivery” of 5-gallon bottles of clean water to their customers.

In 2017, we supported PIER’s initiative to implement three additional systems in northern Colombia where there is an urgent need for a proven, sustainable source of drinking water.

Renovar Partnership with Pier Institute — Water Purification

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