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  • Michelle Hall

Company News: Announcing New Company Ownership

Renovar Construction is pleased to announce Jacob McMahan and Jerrod McMahan as the new company owners. Together, they are overseeing the everyday company operations, including design and production of stylish homes throughout Denver and surrounding communities.

“Fulfilling this role with my brother has been a dream come true,” shares Jerrod McMahan, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner of Renovar Construction.

Both Jacob and Jerrod bring a combined 26 years of construction experience and a wealth of expertise in construction and project management to their new roles.

Renovar Construction has had steady and significant growth since its inception and is continuing to expand and look for new opportunities each year and dedicated to its customers and prioritizes attention to detail in every project.

“I am eager and hopeful about taking on this new leadership role at Renovar Construction and working alongside my brother and business partner to create the best projects yet,” says Jacob McMahan, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Owner of Renovar Construction.


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